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Easy installation of Twhirl on Ubuntu

I have to manage several Twitter accounts form my Linux workstation, to my joy it was an easy installation of Twhirl on Ubuntu. Twhirl runs on Adobe Air, so first you need to get that:

sudo apt-get install adobeair

I then downloaded Twhirl and run the installation. Next step was to start adding accounts :)


Xubuntu makes my laptop feel like a supercomputer

I really like Xubuntu (the Ubuntu Linux with interface xfce). It’s lighweight and fast, but still have all the good things I like with Linux – the logic filesystem, the great programs etc. It makes my laptop feel very fast, eventhough it 5 years old. That it is very pretty and secure does help a bit ;) Starting Linux after working with Windows XP on this computer feels like getting out in fresh air after suffocating. All the things I use is just an apt-get away. Lovely. The wireless works out of the box, it doesn’t in Windows. I’m happy, really happy. Now I can get some work done! Oh, and I use Opera as browser :)