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Sometimes you need to stop and take a look at your life

A friend of mine posted this the other day and in combination with almost all of my vacation was erased by a late project I had to work on, I realized sometimes you need to stop and take a look at your life. This videos says much. What would be your regrets? My thoughts would bot go to videogames first, but some other things. I’m gonna work more with images, and you’ll see that on my portfolio page. Images are my passion. I will also try to get more time for my family and take more care of my health.


Easy installation of Twhirl on Ubuntu

I have to manage several Twitter accounts form my Linux workstation, to my joy it was an easy installation of Twhirl on Ubuntu. Twhirl runs on Adobe Air, so first you need to get that:

sudo apt-get install adobeair

I then downloaded Twhirl and run the installation. Next step was to start adding accounts :)

Drained on power

I feel totally drained of power. Why is there never time to do the things I like?

Working on a new website

I’m working a new website for my own swedish domain At the moment there is just a temporary page with some drawings. I’m very excited about the new site, it will show off art, photos and websites and some personal info.

Thanks for the money

Some anonymous person sent money in a letter and the statement that we should indulge in something nice :) Thanks, whoever you are.

The daily routine

Wow, the daily routine of office hours is hard take when your use to managing you own time. I’ve set up a small corner at home so I can start to draw easily when I get home. Could save my sanity.

Cold cold cold

Have been sick in a cold all over the christmas holidays. Can’t say I feel rested now, something I really needed. There is no time and energy to do what I wanted. Wish I had more time to draw for example. At least some free days with new years is coming up.

Natures christmas decoration