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Are you on Google+?

Are you on Google+? I am, if you want to connect, make a comment or add me to your circle :) I find Google+ is very good to follow thing you are interested in, group things by subject and so on. Is beginning to get users enough to be interesting, but there is still room to create the pages you want (names are often not taken yet). It also connected to Googles other services. See you there :)


Email and Carbonara

Today I’ve been batteling with newsletter systems and swearing. But the day ended well with succes, pasta carbonara a good sallad and a few glasses of wine :)

At the moment I’m using Dada mail for a client and testing PHPList for my own use. Both opensource by the way. But Dada stopped working when the hosting company changed software and server, leaving my client and 400 subscribers in the cold. But I fixed it, and that makes me feel good :)

And the rewards keep coming, tonight there is apple pie!

Got Wave – add me :)

I’ve got an account at Google Wave, add me if you wan’t to: