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Tunnel, playing with Wacom tablet

This is a rough sketch of an idea I had. It is created with the Wacom tablet, in Photoshop. I am going to do more of this work, and more detailed then sketches off course. I like switching between the tablet and the paper and pen/ink/paint to keep creativity.

Other paintings and illustrations will be posted on my portfolio website, which will show an english section soon.


Brave little soldiers

Unsung heroes

These little guys have a special meaning to me.

Computer backgrounds for free

I’ve started to publish desktop backgrounds for free at The first one is a foggy landscape with a lake and a tree. The problem is that my personal taste in desktop backgrounds I want them very clean, not disturbing my workspace. I’m thinking of this for the next one… Im thinking of this one next, but I’m not sure I would choose to use it myself, what do you think?

The path

What is beauty?

I shot some pictures on a trip yesterday and it gave me some thought on beauty. What is beauty in a photography to you? For me it’s light and feeling of history of the motif. If your swedish, check out my post about this topic on

New site for my drawings

I have a new website for my pencil drawings – Not much there yet, but I’ll fill it with material soon enough, have lots of god ideas :) My intention is also to get to know the SBI-system to help other website-owners there.

A site about my art

A site about my art

Time to start drawing again

Somewhere on the way it seems I lost myself a bit. I don’t draw or paint much anymore, which I should and would like to do. It is time to start again. This could be an opportunity to start rediscover that as a source of income, which it once was.

I like to work with light. Both in drawing and photography. I guess there is where I have to start… The painting below is one I did of our studiowindow in Stockholm. I guess it was 2001 or 2002 or something like that.


The window in or studio

The window in our studio