My name is Mattias Wirf. I am an artist, webdeveloper, photographer living in Sweden. Born -75, married -01, father -07. This blog has been created as my private space, where I dont hold back (from now on). You can visit my portfolio at or my company website on

Art and photography

I started artschool as a teenager. I love light/chiaroscuro and abstract esthetical paintings. In 2007 I started to get serious about photography. I discovered that with old lenses I could almost paint with the camera.

Internet, social media and education

I have run the company since 2002 as webdeveloper, designer and educator. I have a passion for the use of new media in learning and knowledge. I have always been hungry for new knowledge and curious, and the Internet gave me the tool to get all the knowledge I wan’t.


I live in a beautiful part of Sweden, and a in lot of my photography I try to catch the light here. I have a passion for old, manual lenses, which I use on my digital camera.


Other things I like is culture, litterature, opera, rock, history, food, wine. How do I look? Like this:

Mattias Wirf

Mattias Wirf, Foto: Sara Berlekom

This is me

This is me

Me to, photo: Kurt Wirf

Me too, photo: Kurt Wirf

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