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Not a good day for bicycle ride

I saw this and though it not a good day for a bicycle ride. It was yesterday and I needed to get my bike back home from the town. I was lucky though, and avoided the rain and had a rather nice trip :)



Discovering music I should have heard

I am discovering music I should have heard a long time ago. A the moment it is the band Tool, with I listen to a lot of the moment. A listened to similar music at the time. Dont know why I didn’t hear Tool. But it is a habit of mine, I often disover music from the past.

Are you on Google+?

Are you on Google+? I am, if you want to connect, make a comment or add me to your circle :) I find Google+ is very good to follow thing you are interested in, group things by subject and so on. Is beginning to get users enough to be interesting, but there is still room to create the pages you want (names are often not taken yet). It also connected to Googles other services. See you there :)

Tunnel, playing with Wacom tablet

This is a rough sketch of an idea I had. It is created with the Wacom tablet, in Photoshop. I am going to do more of this work, and more detailed then sketches off course. I like switching between the tablet and the paper and pen/ink/paint to keep creativity.

Other paintings and illustrations will be posted on my portfolio website, which will show an english section soon.