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My developer blog

My developer blog – where I write about editors, design, software and programming – can be found at The original idea was to publish reviews and interviews about programmers editors, but it has become more personal about webdevelopment now. I hope some nerds reading this find their way to the site! ;)

Oopen Source Editor


Human Equation a favorite

A couple of years ago I discovered Ayreons record, Human Equation, a favorite of mine. Ayreon is a project run by dutch musician Arjen Lucassen. Since then I have check out the earlier records and the later 01011001, released in 2008. The artists involved change from time to time, in The Human Equation I believe it was 17 singers. It is still one of my favorites

Have a look at Arjens new album Guilt Machine at Myspace.

The daily routine

Wow, the daily routine of office hours is hard take when your use to managing you own time. I’ve set up a small corner at home so I can start to draw easily when I get home. Could save my sanity.