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Email and Carbonara

Today I’ve been batteling with newsletter systems and swearing. But the day ended well with succes, pasta carbonara a good sallad and a few glasses of wine :)

At the moment I’m using Dada mail for a client and testing PHPList for my own use. Both opensource by the way. But Dada stopped working when the hosting company changed software and server, leaving my client and 400 subscribers in the cold. But I fixed it, and that makes me feel good :)

And the rewards keep coming, tonight there is apple pie!

Got Wave – add me :)

I’ve got an account at Google Wave, add me if you wan’t to:

Domains lost

I’ve lost my personal domainadress, which is a bit annoying. It’s beginning to be a problem now when I can’t afford to keep my many domains. Well, that is a reason to keep writing on, right? This material will not be lost, I hope.

The thing is that the domain I’ve lost was bought on Network Solutions, and I wanted to change but they seem to keep the domain after it has expired… I wanted to buy it cheaper ;) Bastards.

Portfolio, not published on the Internet at the moment:

Mattias portfolio

Mattias portfolio

Computer backgrounds for free

I’ve started to publish desktop backgrounds for free at The first one is a foggy landscape with a lake and a tree. The problem is that my personal taste in desktop backgrounds I want them very clean, not disturbing my workspace. I’m thinking of this for the next one… Im thinking of this one next, but I’m not sure I would choose to use it myself, what do you think?

The path

Xubuntu makes my laptop feel like a supercomputer

I really like Xubuntu (the Ubuntu Linux with interface xfce). It’s lighweight and fast, but still have all the good things I like with Linux – the logic filesystem, the great programs etc. It makes my laptop feel very fast, eventhough it 5 years old. That it is very pretty and secure does help a bit ;) Starting Linux after working with Windows XP on this computer feels like getting out in fresh air after suffocating. All the things I use is just an apt-get away. Lovely. The wireless works out of the box, it doesn’t in Windows. I’m happy, really happy. Now I can get some work done! Oh, and I use Opera as browser :)