So many precious things…

When times are ruff, I think a lot of what matters or not.

Yesterday I went for a fantastic walk with my daughter. It was late in the afternoon, the sun was low, the bird cherry smell filled the air… my daughter actually remembered what she saw on this walk the first time – I carry here in the baby sling and she looked up and said “(h)orsie, (h)orsie“. Well, in swedish of course – “(h)äst, (h)äst“. The little twoyear-old was looking for the horse she knew should be there.

I’m very thankfull to be with my wonderful wife. We’ve done some great things together, and even in stressfull times I feel even closer to her. I’m looking through old photos and thinking about places we have been and things we have done. This photo is from somewhere around 2000-2003 I guess, when we lived in Stockholm.

The wife resting

The wife resting


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