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If I were a farmer…

I love the swedish countryside. I went for a bicycleride today and the smells, fields, meadows, trees, birds make me feel free even when I feel down. Sometimes I wonder if I could have been a farmer. Or if I could live on a old farmhouse and work with computers from there. How wonderful to be near nature everyday. Of course I understand that there are troubles and hard work in a farmers life too ;) But still…

House on field

House on field


So many precious things…

When times are ruff, I think a lot of what matters or not.

Yesterday I went for a fantastic walk with my daughter. It was late in the afternoon, the sun was low, the bird cherry smell filled the air… my daughter actually remembered what she saw on this walk the first time – I carry here in the baby sling and she looked up and said “(h)orsie, (h)orsie“. Well, in swedish of course – “(h)äst, (h)äst“. The little twoyear-old was looking for the horse she knew should be there.

I’m very thankfull to be with my wonderful wife. We’ve done some great things together, and even in stressfull times I feel even closer to her. I’m looking through old photos and thinking about places we have been and things we have done. This photo is from somewhere around 2000-2003 I guess, when we lived in Stockholm.

The wife resting

The wife resting

A rainy day

A rainy day… from several perspectives. Next post will be more positive, because eventhough all our problems I have so many things to be grateful about.

Out the watchtowers window

Time to start drawing again

Somewhere on the way it seems I lost myself a bit. I don’t draw or paint much anymore, which I should and would like to do. It is time to start again. This could be an opportunity to start rediscover that as a source of income, which it once was.

I like to work with light. Both in drawing and photography. I guess there is where I have to start… The painting below is one I did of our studiowindow in Stockholm. I guess it was 2001 or 2002 or something like that.


The window in or studio

The window in our studio

Going for a walk and bbq today :)

My brother-in-law, his girlfriend and their daughter are here today. We are going for a little walk in nature and maybe a barbaque. Even if your low on money, it’s amazing what you can do if you live close to nature.

23 july: Buxbom (Buxus sempervirens)

Do you have work for a experienced webdeveloper, artist, educator?

I know PHP well, MySQL, HTML, CSS and have basic skills in many other techniques. I know Adobe programs and many opensource apps. I have run a company for 7 years. I’m educated in artschool and know design and can paint, draw, photograph. I run several sites about photography. On top of that I have worked for leading e-learningcompanies in Sweden for 7 years. I love social media and the Internet.

Still, I can’t find work it seems.

The birth of yet another blog

“Oh, come on – is he starting another blog”, I bet some people think. But this is going to be me personal place. Myself in english.

The road to heaven